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Paper Scraps

A Dispensable Loot Typology, 2023

avec Nicolas Bailleul et Hortense Boulais-Ifrène
Cooler LSPDFR+ Ticket” a Grand Theft Auto V (2013) mod created by Sangckrona : “So I thought the ticket that you give with LSPDFR plus was boring, so I made a more amusing one” (published in 2021 on

This triptych proposal is conceived as a harvest in our fields of research: the video game Escape from Tarkov (Nicolas Bailleul), Second Life (Hortense Boulais-Ifrène), and GTA Role Play (Lorena Lisembard). By applying the same methodology of gleaning objects or images in three radically different online worlds, we aim to explore the act of looting and the looted objects themselves as potentially dispensable phenomena.

“Toilet Paper” a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) mod created by KINOman (published in 2014 on
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